We belive the best design based around you. We know everybody is
different. So Custom Sleeping’s design was built purely around individuality.

Custom Sleeping pillows


Custom Sleeping started from people who wanted more from their sleep. We know sleep isn’t just sleeping – it’s a healthy heart, a better mood, and a sharper brain. So after decades of researching and manufacturing pillows for other brands, we’ve come to understand the ingredients to a restful night’s sleep. We decided there aren’t enough pillows on the market that really maximize the potential of a good night’s sleep, so we’ve designed products for a better sleeping experience for all.

Better living is the driving force behind our commitment to helping you get the most out of your eight hours. With a number of studies showing that bad sleep can lead to serious health issues, our team at Custom Sleeping put in the work to create products that help fight the widespread issue of bad quality sleep. Every product is designed with the objective to allow ourselves the care and comfort our bodies need to wake up and perform our best. With Custom Sleeping, you’re one pillow away from a night of better, more comfortable sleep.


At Custom Sleeping, we are driven by better living through better sleeping. Our sole mission is to help people sleep better and more comfortably. Custom Sleeping provides a dynamic sleep experience – meaning our products accommodate to your individual sleeping needs. We’re all about product quality, and our special proprietary blend is designed for an unparalleled sleep experience. Our team takes pride in the details, from the cool bamboo covers to the gel-infused fiber fills. Our unique pillows are designed to maximize your comfort, staying cool in summer and warm in winter, all while staying soft and supportive all year long. In creating quality sleeping products, we hope to set a higher quality of sleeping for everyone.

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Adjustable Fill

Breathable - Custom Sleeping pillows

Bamboo Covers


Cooling Memory
Foam Technology

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Safe fo Latex &
Down Allergies

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Custom Sleeping pillows

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We believe the best design is a design based around you. We know everybody is different. So Custom Sleeping’s design was built purely around individuality. We’re not just in the business of making pillows. We’re in the business of improving sleeping experiences. So what makes Custom Sleeping better than others? Whether it’s support, comfort, or shape, our pillows have been designed to provide everything you need and beyond.


At Custom Sleeping, we pay attention to the details because we believe every minute of sleep is beneficial to our being. Stitched into our breathable bamboo covers, the swan represents balance and purity. We believe that in reframing sleep as personal quality time, we are taking care of ourselves and our own wellbeing. Our team at Custom Sleeping hopes to help everyone achieve a better and more balanced lifestyle through the benefits of improving the quality of sleep each night.

Say Goodbye To:

  • Sweaty Nights
    Breathability: Made of 40% bamboo-derived viscose rayon, our pillow covers provide complete breathability to fight those sweaty, uncomfortable nights.
  • Neck and Back Pain
    Exceptional Support: Our unique memory foam construction has been expertly designed to provide enough comfort and support for your neck and shoulders
  • Flipping Pillows
    Temperature Control: Its gel-infused, cooling memory foam helps draw out heat to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Flast, Lifeless Pillows
    Adjustable Fill: Do you struggle with having too much pillow fill? Or maybe too much? No worries - our pillows are fully adjustable until the filling in your pillow is “just right”.
  • Allergy Flare Ups
    Hypoallergenic: Everybody should be able to get a good night’s sleep, so we’ve made our pillows hypoallergenic. Allergies or not, Custom Sleeping pillows are suitable for everyone.